WG9: Offline software and computing


Colin Bernet, Benedikt Hegner

Former conveners: Patrick Janot (FCC-ee) and Fabiola Gianotti (FCC-hh).

Mandate/Job description:

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Group activities:

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The group is common to FCC-ee and FCC-hh (and to FCC-eh). The description below is FCC-ee biassed.

WP Framework (0.5 FTE)
   - Handling of core framework and core EDM functionality

WP Generators (0.2 FTE)
   –  Integration of MC Generators into the infrastructure
   –  Expect synergy/overlap with physics groups

WP Simulation (4 FTE)
   –  Delphes integration
   –  Parameterized particle based simulation
   –  Fast Sim
   –  Geant4 based simulation
   –  Pile-up and background treatment

WP Reco (0.5 - 1 FTE)
   –  Develop high-level reconstruction (isolation, particle ID, ...)
   –  Data formats to connect high-level and low-level reco
   –  Low-level reco very concept dependent, but need to keep an overview

WP Analysis (1 FTE)
   –  Analysis environment (C++ / Python ) and training

WP Releases(covered by coordinators)
   - Provide consistent snapshots of releases

WP Validation (intensive ramp-up + 0.5 FTE)
   –  Development and testing infrastructure
   –  Physics testing
   –  Performance measurements

WP Computing (TBD)
   –  (CERN based) computing infrastructure and operation

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