FCC-ee/TLEP Past Talks

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P. Janot, 12 Apr 2013, Seminar at LPC, Clermont
P. Janot, 16 May 2013, Seminar at LPSC, Grenoble
M. Koratzinos, 27 Apr 2013, HEP 2013, Chios
P. Janot, 14 Jun 2013, Seminar at LPNHE, Paris
David d'Enterria, 25 Aug 2015, 17th Lomonosov Conf. on Elementary Particle Physics, Moscow
R. Aleksan, 28 Jun 2013, ICAN Conference, CERN, Geneva
R. Aleksan, 18 May 2013, Nobel Symposium on LHC results, Uppsala
F. Gianotti, 6 Jun 2014, LHCP 2014, Columbia University, NY
A. Blondel, 31 Jan 2015, Exploring the Physics Frontier with Circular Colliders (http://indico.cern.ch/event/336571/), Aspen, Colorado (USA)
P. Janot, 2 Jul 2013, Snowmass High Energy Frontier, Seattle